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     Superb job! The cleaners show an immense amount of pride in their work. Highly recommend.
Christian Glenn18/07/2024
     Very rapid response; the team was fantastic to work with. They acted professionally, did an excellent cleaning job, and were both friendly and reassuring. We will use them again if the need arises.
Micheline Baker08/07/2024
     Solid and proficient. Pleasant organization to interact with.
Monica Roberts20/06/2024
     Trustworthy and outstanding service. Easy to arrange and our cleaner is fantastic!
Marc Ygosse10/06/2024
     Our good relationship makes all the difference in my overall satisfaction with my cleaner's services.
Sallie Connor22/05/2024
     Our experience with this company spans many years, and we have consistently received top-notch service.
Trevor Howard22/04/2024
     Working with Cleaning Services Upper Clapton was a pleasure thanks to their excellent customer service, the cleaners were always available and provided top-notch service every time. Looking forward to working with them again.
Annie M.11/04/2024
     The house cleaner possesses extremely practical ideas for maintaining a well-organized home and innovative methods for tackling tasks efficiently.
     Best-in-class customer service and highly proficient team members at Carpet Cleaning Upper Clapton. Their dedication to providing top-quality service is evident in our two successful collaborations with them.
Laverne R.11/03/2024
     We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the cleaner and her excellent service, as she quickly sorted out our carpet issues.
Bertie Saunders01/03/2024
     Astoundingly efficient efforts! I have used them twice now, and each time the service has been top-notch and delivered on time without any delay.
Abbey Reynolds19/02/2024
     I am very happy with their cleaning services. I switched to them several months ago, and they always get the place beautifully clean. I have recommended their services to a few friends as well as a couple of my neighbours. This is one of the best cleaning services I have used.
Caroline M.21/05/2020
     We recently used cleaners from this company for upholstery cleaning. We were impressed by how their friendly crew did an amazing job. We would definitely recommend them.
     Don't go anywhere else for domestic cleaning services! I've tried many over the years but Upper Clapton Cleaning Companies are by far the best! I can't believe that they actually offer premium quality services and at a fair price. They are very helpful too and they give you free quotes and advice when you call them. I'm amazed with their excellent customer service - they deserve an award!
Alison J.15/03/2016
     I've recently got a mortgage on my current house, but before that I was living in a sequence of rented flats and houses. Before moving out of my last place, I had all kinds of things on my plate which I had to sort out and organise, and I wanted some help with my end of tenancy cleaning. I had heard that Carpet Cleaner Upper Clapton did these kinds of services, so I gave them a call. What a relief! I thought with such short notice I'd be in trouble, but they got everything spotless just in time for the landlord!
Hannah W.21/12/2015
     I have a busy newsagent in the centre of town and have used the commercial cleaning services of Upper Clapton Cleaners for the last year. They provide a great value and highly professional service in the local area.
J. Wilkinson 14/07/2015
     I had just had my guests at my workface. They were important people who could help my firm to succeed. There was food available and drinks, so afterwards, the place was a mess. Crumbs, spills, litter and more bestrew my workplace so something had to be done. I heard of UpperClaptonCarpetCleaners from a friend and I'm glad I did. Their team took care of all the mess within a day, so things were soon back to normal and looking good for the next time my visitors arrive.
Adrian Finch18/12/2014
     I have just had my new rental home cleaned by the experts before I start moving my belongings in. The end of tenancy clean was done to an exceptional standard by UpperClaptonCarpetCleaners. They were brilliant and the cost was affordable and didn't break the moving budget. The place was dirty but after a day of rinsing, dusting, mopping and vacuuming the dirt and grime were gone. I am very happy with the work and everything looks great to move into.
Cheryl G.24/11/2014
     I didn't want to spend my free time cleaning my flat so I decided to get a cleaner in. The best thing I did was to book UpperClaptonCarpetCleaners - they are expert cleaners and they do a brilliant job for me. They are happy to take on all the day to day cleaning duties like hoovering and dusting but they also roll up their sleeves and clean the bathroom apparatus, the oven and the windows. Since I've had these cleaners my apartment has been a much nicer place to be and the cleaning service I've received is very professional.
Keiran M.14/11/2014